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Our editors are all native English speakers based primarily in the US, UK, and Australia who hold PhDs or Master’s degrees from top universities such as Harvard, MIT and Oxford. They are all experts in the field of aging. In fact, most of them are published authors and peer reviewers in their respective Gerontology field. Our esteemed team has an average of 19.4 years’ experience in editing, and many are members of some of the world’s best editor societies, such as BELS and CSE.

Because we care about the quality and integrity of your work, your manuscript will always be edited by an editor with in-depth expertise in your particular field of Gerontology. Under no circumstances do we ever work with student or novice editors.



Editing Experience

Less than 10 Years
10 to 15 Years
16 to 20 Years
21 to 25 Years
More than 25 Years

We Only Have Native English Editors

Enago exclusively recruits native English editors. This ensures fluency and readability of your paper, while eliminating any ambiguities. It also provides the intended results with the fastest possible turnaround as native editors are familiar with the problems of ESL writing.


Maintaining the Highest Editing Standards

At Enago, we employ a rigorous editor recruitment process and strict quality benchmarks. To become an Enago editor we test each candidate extensively on his/her subject knowledge, language, style, and proofreading skills.

In order to prove they have what it takes, our editors must:

  • Pass 3 rounds of evaluation: subject expertise, language skills, and editing ability
  • Undergo a 2-month training and evaluation program; they will only be accepted if their achieve at least a 95% quality score)
  • Sign non-disclosure agreements to protect the confidentiality of clients' documents

In addition, we also provide ongoing, monthly feedback to our editors to make sure they’re continually improving. This feedback is based on the work they do, which we evaluate through a unique scoring system.

Want to find out more about how we manage our editors and how our unique editor evaluation system guarantees quality? Visit our Quality Assurance section.

Members of Renowned Editorial Societies

Most of our editors are members of several esteemed editorial societies. These include Council of Science Editors (CSE), European Association of Science Editors (EASE), American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), and Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS). They also undergo regular training to stay abreast with the latest research trends, terminology, and technology.

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